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Discrimination is unfair treatment based on a form of prejudice. It can be directly or indirectly applied depending on the situation. Discrimination can occur directly, for example, by way of an offensive act, gesture, or comment. Other times it is indirectly applied, and proven only through incongruent treatment supported by statistical evidence. Either way, you should seek legal assistance to discuss the circumstance.

The New York discrimination attorneys of The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC are experienced in handling discrimination claims and are sensitive to the stress and difficulty this type of situation can cause. The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC will explore all options available through the legal system with their client so together they can help make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

New York Discrimination Laws

If you are an employer, you need to familiarize yourself with anti-discrimination laws in New York State and New York City in order to protect yourself, your employees and your company overall. Our firm’s attorneys will work with you to develop proper anti-discrimination employee policies and best practices for your organization.

For more information on the types of discrimination, please read the following:

Discrimination in the workplace can occur under a variety of and employers must have proper policies and protocols in effect to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

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