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In New York and throughout the United States, it is highly recommended that businesses have an employee handbook which details company policies, practices, procedures, and expectations concerning employee conduct. The development of an employee handbook and company policies is a critical step to an employer detailing and an employee understanding the terms and conditions of employment. An employer’s policies will sometimes determine whether an employee can bring a legal claim against the employer.

At The Watanabe Law Firm, we work with businesses to create or update an employee handbook which is compliant with federal, state, and/or local New York employment laws. We work with employers to develop and implement policies which affect the operation of their business, including anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, complaint procedures, attendance, vacation, and sick leave policies, guidelines for employee performance reviews, promotion or demotion policies, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Many employers make the mistake of either having no handbook or policies in place, or try to create a handbook without seeking the advice of an experienced employment law attorney. A handbook prepared without the advice of experienced counsel is not advised because many courts consider the policies contained in an employee handbook as a contract between the employer and employee.

The Watanabe Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to assist employers with developing an employee handbook or updating the handbook or policies to reflect recent changes in employment.

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