New York Employment Discrimination

WWhen an employee is denied a job promotion, terminated from employment, or does not receive a salary increase or benefits based upon race, sex, ethnic origin, disability, religious affiliation, age, or marital status, discrimination has occurred. A New York employment discrimination lawyer from The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC can help determine if you have a legal cause of action.

If an employer is faced with a claim of discrimination, counsel should immediately be consulted to review its obligations under law and to properly respond to the claim.

Federal and New York State Employment Discrimination Laws

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created by the federal government in 1965 to protect United State employees from employment discrimination. The state of New York formed the New York Division of Human Rights in 1968. New York was the first state to enact a Human Rights Law prohibiting employment discrimination throughout the state. It is important to understand the differences between federal and state laws related to employment discrimination. The New York employment attorneys of The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC can help determine if employment discrimination has taken place, research your legal options and provide assistance so you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

New York State Employment Discrimination Law Prerequisites

In order to file a discrimination complaint with the New York State Division of Human rights, there are several prerequisites that must be present:

  • The employer must have a minimum of four (4) employees
  • The complaint must be filed within one year of the last act of employment discrimination

The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC can help you understand all the legal prerequisites for employment discrimination in New York and the best way to proceed with your discrimination claim.

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