New York Harassment Law

Harassment in the workplace is a major problem in the United States. For employees, this practice can cause added stress and make work nearly intolerable. For employers, allegations of harassment in the workplace can decrease productivity, damage employee morale, and have a devastating impact on the reputation of a company.

The experienced attorneys of The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC provide counsel and representation regarding workplace harassment throughout the United States. They aggressively seek justice on behalf of employees victimized by harassment. They also provide counsel to employers in constructing anti-harassment policies and reporting procedures as well as representation to companies facing allegations of workplace harassment. Their keen understanding of both federal and New York harassment laws allows them to provide comprehensive representation and address all options for their clients.

Workplace harassment and federal law

Both state and federal laws prohibit harassment in the workplace. Under federal laws—such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)—employers must take steps to remedy reported cases of harassment based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, or genetic trait. Employers may be liable for the actions of employees, supervisors, or even clients if they do not take reasonable steps to prevent and address incidents of workplace harassment. This liability can include compensatory and punitive damages, costs, and attorneys fees.

New York state harassment laws

While federal discrimination laws may not cover smaller companies, the New York State Human Rights Law covers employers with four or more employees. In addition to the types of discrimination covered under federal law, this New York harassment law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, marital or familial status, military status, or domestic violence victim status. The New York State Division of Human Rights accepts complaints, conducts investigations, and may issue civil penalties up to 50,000 dollars under this law. Individual victims may also bring suit in state court seeking compensatory and equitable relief.

While state and federal discrimination laws are similar in many respects, they do differ in some important areas, including scope of coverage, interpretive law, procedure, and available remedies. For victims of harassment, the attorneys of The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC can determine whether state or federal law provides the superior protection for your individual situation and can provide aggressive and informed representation throughout the process. For employers, our New York harassment attorneys can help your business protect itself from allegations of workplace harassment and can help mitigate the financial and reputation consequences of such allegations through investigation, negotiation, and litigation.

Do not confront workplace harassment without experienced legal help

Whether you are an employee victimized by on-the-job harassment or an employer seeking to prevent or mitigate allegations of harassment, the New York employment attorneys of The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC have the experience and knowledge of both state and federal discrimination laws you need to achieve your goals. Call our office at 212-486-7005 or send us a message online to discuss your case.

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