Employment Law in New York

Comprehensive Employment Litigation

The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC represents individuals and management in employment and employment-related matters. Our practice focuses in the areas of employment counseling, employment-related litigation, and executive representation in New York and elsewhere. Headed by Laura A. Watanabe, who practiced employment law with nationally recognized law firms, the law firm’s employment practice is recognized as providing effective and cost-efficient representation.

Employment Counseling

The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC provides employment counseling to clients on a continuing basis regarding discrimination, harassment, immigration, wage and hour, disability, family and medical leave issues, pension and benefit plans, restructuring and reorganization compliance issues, affirmative action practice, and other employment-related matters. Having represented businesses from start-up companies to small emerging companies to Fortune 500 companies, The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC has a breadth of experience that lends itself to a wide variety of labor and employment matters that arise with regard to corporate function or individual employment.

Employment and Employment-Related Litigation

The Firm’s employment discrimination litigation practice in New York and throughout the United States extends to litigation of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, race and national origin discrimination, age, and disability discrimination claims.

The Firm’s employment-related litigation practice in New York and throughout the United States extends to litigation of wage and hour claims, breach of contract, and non-compete agreements and restrictive covenant litigation.

In litigating employment claims, the Firm’s attorneys have appeared in federal and state courts and before federal, state, and local agencies charged with enforcement of fair employment practices.

Executive Representation

We represent businesses, their management, executives, and professionals in matters regarding hiring, retention, and termination. As part of this practice, we counsel or represent businesses or individuals in negotiating employment, retention, or severance agreements, addressing issues such as compensation, employee benefits, and non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

Non-Compete Agreements and Trade Secrets

A significant part of our practice involves the drafting, negotiation, and the enforcement or defense of non-competition and confidential information/trade secrets agreements for both individual executives and businesses. The enforceability of non-competition agreements vary from state to state. Confidential information/trade secrets agreements oftentimes place a restriction upon future employment.

Our firm has extensive experience in non-competition and confidential information/trade secrets agreements. It is critical for prospective employees and businesses to have such agreements drafted or review existing agreements in advance of beginning employment. It is likewise critical for businesses to have agreements which are protective of their business interests. Representing both professionals and businesses, our New York employment law attorneys provide effective solutions to non-compete and confidential information/trade secrets matters which are protective of their respective interests.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our law firm has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution of employment claims in New York and the surrounding areas. Recognizing that litigation of matters before courts can be a costly and time-consuming proposition, we appreciate that some matters may be resolved more efficiently through arbitration or mediation. When a client is required to submit to arbitration or desires alternative dispute resolution to resolve a dispute, we develop strategies designed to achieve the most favorable result.

We have a record of success in arbitration matters. If you or your business has an arbitration matter, please call us to discuss how arbitration can work for you.

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