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Extensive experience in non-compete agreements

One of the most valuable legal tools a company can use is the non-compete agreement. New York non-compete agreements, along with trade secret agreements, help protect the confidential information and trade secrets of a company by restricting the future employment of an employee who has left company. Non-compete agreements protect all types of confidential information, including trade secrets, customer contacts, and other forms of intellectual property. They can place several types of restrictions on employees, including the following:

  • Location of employment
  • Employers
  • Types of employment

The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC focuses a significant portion of our practice on the drafting, negotiation, enforcement, and defense of non-competition and related confidential information and trade secrets agreements. Our lawyers utilize their extensive experience to help both individual executives and businesses protect their interests, whether at the negotiation table or in court. Whenever possible, we recommend that our clients negotiate the terms of a New York non-compete agreement prior to beginning any employment so that each party understands the expectations of the other.

Having a non-compete in place prior to employment also allows for a smooth transition if an executive employee is discharged, laid off, or decides to seek other avenues of employment. Because employers tend to entrust their executives with valuable trade secrets and other confidential information, it is generally in their best interest to ensure this information is protected from use by the executive employee at a later job or by a subsequent employer.

Writing enforceable non-compete clauses

Whether or not a non-competition clause or agreement is enforceable varies from state to state. In general, non-competes are enforceable under New York non-compete law if the terms are reasonable and the departing employee possesses trade secrets or other confidential information that may be valuable to a rival business. However, an overly restrictive non-compete clause in New York is generally considered too much of a restraint on the freedom of an employee to obtain employment.

Utilizing our substantial experience, the New York employment attorneys of The Watanabe Law Firm carefully draft non-compete agreements that strike a balance between the need for businesses to protect their businesses interests and the freedom of executives to pursue future business opportunities without unreasonable restrictions.

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At The Watanabe Law Firm, we have a substantial practice helping businesses and executives negotiate non-competition and trade secrets agreements both before and after hiring, and representing clients in non-competition disputes. For more information on services that we provide, contact The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC at 212-486-7005 or complete our contact form today.

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