New York Prevailing Wage Law

Public works and prevailing wages

The Watanabe Law Firm, LCC represents businesses, including contractors and subcontractors, engaged in public works projects in New York and internationally. Our lawyers assist clients in complying with labor laws, including laws regarding the prevailing wage in New York, which require contractors and subcontractors to pay workers under a public works contract a prevailing hourly wage rate, as well as benefits and overtime pay according to the standards of the industry in the location of the work.

Providing employees with the prevailing wage

New York prevailing wage rates are set by the Department of Labor on a county-by-county basis, and are determined by the wage paid to the majority of local workers, laborers, and mechanics within that area. All types of employees under a public works contract qualify for prevailing wage rates, including workers, laborers, and mechanics.

Businesses performing work under a public works contract must be aware of the current wage schedule in each locality. Because wage rate schedules are issued separately by each county, a prevailing wage in one county may not be considered adequate pay in another. If a company willfully fails to pay the prevailing wage twice within a six-year period, or is found guilty of falsifying payroll records or kickback of wages or supplements, they may be barred from bidding on or being awarded public work projects for five years.

Employment attorneys assisting with prevailing wage laws

As experienced litigators and practitioners, our New York emloyment attorneys provide comprehensive employment law services regarding prevailing wage rates in New York. We help clients obtain federal contracts by helping bids comply with prevailing wage rates. In addition, by helping clients stay up-to-date with current prevailing wages, we help minimize the likelihood of litigation by employees claiming underpayment.

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