New York Whistleblower Law

How the whistleblower law affects businesses and employees

The New York False Claims Act, referred to as the New York whistleblower law, allows professionals, executives, and employees to file a lawsuit against, or blow the whistle on, companies that defraud the government. These plaintiffs may be eligible for a share of the recovery for bringing the alleged wrongdoing to the attention of the government. To protect potential whistleblowers, the Labor Code prohibits employers from taking retaliatory measures against an employee who discloses or provides information on a company's fraudulent or false practices, who testifies against a company, or who refuses to participate in any act that violates a law, rule, or regulation.

Representing businesses

The New York whistleblower attorneys at The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC assist businesses and executives who are involved in whistleblower claims and resulting trials, known as qui tam litigation. Businesses who are accused on violations of the False Claims Act potentially face serious penalties, including the following:

  • Treble damages
  • Civil penalties
  • Costs and attorneys' fees

Even the appearance of fraudulent conduct can trigger an investigation, as well as a lawsuit by the Attorney General, local government, or whistleblower. Our experienced New York whistleblower lawyers understand the seriousness of an investigation. By preparing for potential litigation from the outset, we ensure that a company receives a quality defense from the initial consultation to the resolution of a case. In addition, in order to avoid potential qui tam and related litigation, we provide counseling services to help our clients comply with all the relevant employment laws, including instituting proper reporting procedures for employees who may notice possible company violations.

Representing executives

When an executive notices a potential violation by his or her company, it can be a difficult process to report the violation. And when a company fails to remedy the violation and instead retaliates against the employee, the employee has an opportunity to file a qui tam lawsuit and sue for damages for retaliation. Our New York employment attorneys assist executive whistleblowers throughout the process, from counseling regarding the initial reporting, to representation in any resulting trials. We can assist executives in seeking the following:

  • Injunctions
  • Reinstatement
  • Benefits
  • Seniority rights
  • Back pay
  • Reasonable attorneys' fees and costs
  • A share in qui tam damages

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