How a New York Employment Mediator Can Help

Have you heard of employment mediation? It is a process of dispute resolution that enables discrimination law concerns to be resolved without going to court. This can result in a much less stressful, expensive, and contentious answer to issues in employment law with a satisfactory outcome for both employers and employees alike.

The Mediation Process: The employer and employee(s) involved in the dispute meet, in the presence of an employment mediator. The mediator is not like a judge in a courtroom. He or she does not hear the case and make a decision. Instead, mediators help foster communication and compromise between parties, helping them to address their issues in a focused, non-confrontational manner. The goal is to walk away from the meeting, or meetings, with an outcome agreeable to both sides.

For instance, there may be a situation in which a dispute arose not because of wrongdoing, but from a misunderstanding. Perhaps offhand comments were made regarding the age, race, gender, or religion of an employee. An employment mediator can discuss these issues in a sensitive and respectful manner, reducing not only the possibility of resentment and hurt feelings, but also potential lawsuits as well.

Benefits of mediation

Mediation is non-binding, meaning that either party is still free to seek legal redress through other arenas if they wish to do so. Although a mediator can recommend a certain course of action, the parties involved are not obligated to accept the recommendation. Mediation is almost always confidential and can be a helpful alternative to pursue instead of immediately turning to litigation.

If you are looking for a cooperative method to resolve a business issue or dispute, then employment mediation may be a good option for you. Discuss your case with The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC and let us see if mediation is the right choice for your business.

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