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The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC provides exceptional legal representation to clients in employment law and employment-related matters in New York throughout the United States, and internationally, counseling and representing executives, professionals, and businesses in cases involving employment law, employment-related litigation, executive compensation, business and regulatory offenses, and corporate investigation matters.

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Our lawyers know that if you or your business are in the midst of a discrimination complaint, employment dispute, or litigation, all other business can come to a halt. Dealing with a lawsuit eats up valuable time, money, and resources that could be used elsewhere to further your goals. Just as important, it can damage your reputation in the community and have a negative impact on your bottom line. That is where our New York employment law attorneys come to your aid. Our experienced trial attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of courtroom cases, so you know that we have what it takes to win. We also provide assistance for legal issues involving the various types of discrimination claims, including: race, religion, gender, age, and disability.

Furthermore, if you have been fortunate enough to avoid employment discrimination lawsuits, our New York employment law lawyers can show you how to continue doing so. Rapid changes in employment law mean that you need to be constantly on the lookout for discriminatory practices in your organization, or even the appearance of them. Our staff can demonstrate how to promote workplace fairness in practices such as hiring, promotions, vacation time, severance pay, and termination.

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Whether leading the way in the negotiation of executive compensation, complex employment and business-related litigation, sensitive internal investigations, government and agency investigation or prosecution of work-related matters, our law firm is dedicated to delivering maximum results.

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The Watanabe Law Firm, LLC has the experienced New York employment attorneys you need. We seek to provide a cost-effective strategy tailored to your or your business’ goals. To learn more about how we can help you, complete our contact form, or call us at 212-486-7005.

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